Tinta Barroca - Ponte do Fumo's grape

Apr 2nd 24

Tinta Barroca is a red grape variety grown mainly in the Douro region of Portugal. It has compact bunches and medium-sized berries and is widely used to produce blended wines. It is one of the grape varieties used to make some Port wines. When vinified on its own, it has distinct characteristics. Generally, single-varietal wines have soft tannins and intense aromas. On the palate, it can have dark fruit notes, such as blackberry and cherry, and a spicy touch that gives it uniqueness and ease of drinking. Our Ponte do Fumo Tinta Barroca is a fine example of the quality of a single varietal Tinta Barroca wine. It is a light, ruby-coloured wine. It has an aroma of fresh fruit combined with a spiced touch. The palate is fresh and light, with a touch of minerality. Being a very eclectic wine, Tinta Barroca goes well with various dishes, from grilled and roasted meats to more intense cheeses. With soft tannins and an elegant, balanced structure, it makes an excellent pairing for more robust dishes, enhancing the flavours and providing an enjoyable gastronomic experience, such as the famous roast lamb found in every Portuguese home during the Easter season. All in all, the Tinta Barroca grape variety is one of the stars of the Douro, capable of producing wines that combine vigour, softness, and aromatic intensity, making each sip a true celebration of the region's tradition.