Tasting Batches: Guaranteeing Wine Quality

May 27th 24

Behind every bottle of wine that reaches the shelves of wine shops, there is a meticulous process that involves dedication, knowledge, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. One of the crucial moments in this process is tasting the vinified batches, a moment when art and science meet to guarantee each wine's quality and distinctive character. At Kranemann Estates, we take this commitment to quality very seriously. Our winemakers, Diogo Lopes, and Susete Melo, lead this fundamental stage, combining their skills and knowledge to assess the evolution of the wines as they age in vats and barrels. But why is batch tasting so important? Imagine each batch of wine as a puzzle, in which each vat and barrel, and the wine in it, represents a piece of that puzzle, with its unique flavour, aroma, and structure. The quality of the grape that originates it is decisive. During the winemaking process, countless variables can influence the development of these characteristics, from the environmental conditions in the winery to the fermentation techniques and aging. During the batch tasting, all these pieces are brought together and assessed in detail. Diogo and Susete conduct a detailed organoleptic analysis, where they explore every attribute of the wine, from its appearance (colour and brightness) to its aroma and flavour and other relevant characteristics and mouthfeels, in the search for harmony, balance, complexity, and freshness. Each final blend is adjusted to achieve Kranemann Wine Estates' quality standards and the desired profile for each range and wine. In addition, tasting the batches offers a unique opportunity to follow the evolution of the wines over time. As the wines age in the vats and barrels, they undergo subtle transformations, developing new layers of flavour and aroma. The winemaking team is attentive to these changes, often years (especially in older Ports), guiding the aging process carefully. Tasting the batches goes beyond a simple sensory evaluation. It's also a moment of learning and discovery. Diogo and Susete share their experiences and insights, enriching our understanding of the wines produced. In short, tasting the vinified batches reflects Kranemann Estates' commitment to the quality and authenticity of the wines it produces and places on the market. It's a reminder that behind every bottle of wine is a dedicated and passionate team that works tirelessly to create memorable sensory experiences for their customers and consumers. This dedication makes every sip of a Kranemann Wine Estates wine truly special and unique!