Quinta do Convento White Reserve 2018. Kranemann Wine Estates’ first Reserve is here!

Oct 29th 20

Kranemann Wine Estates’ first White Reserve is now available for purchase. Optimal elegance, freshness and minerality brought to you from the high altitude terroir of the Vale do Távora.

Harvest took place on 23 September 2018, at what was considered to be the right time for grape picking. The fruit had achieved optimal maturity and we sought to preserve the acidity that gives white wine its differentiating and true backbone, safeguarding its character traits and its origin: the  high altitude terroir of the Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Aguias. Ageing in the winery and 10 months in French oak barrels confirmed the wine’s potential.  This is how Quinta do Convento White Reserve 2018 came to be: optimal elegance, freshness and minerality from the high altitude terroir of the Vale do Távora. Two years on, this wine is ready to go on the market.

“This White Reserve is essentially an expression of the terroir, an embodiment of the unique character brought to us by high altitude vineyards, in schist and granite soil, that lend the wines such elegance, freshness and minerality. From the outset, our focus was on a timely harvest of the best grapes, so that once in the winery, their natural character would come through”, explains the  oenologist, Diogo Lopes. “Basically, this Reserve, a blend of the Rabigato, Viosinho  and Gouveio varieties, with added complexity due to the being aged in barrels, giving it added food pairing potential, shows us what the white wines from this area are capable of. In fact, we’ve already had many unique wines from this area, due to the way they show us their character right at the start and have a huge ageing potential over many years. We believe we’re seeing the birth of yet another great white wine in the Douro”, concludes Diogo Lopes.

Quinta do Convento Reserva Branco 2018

Varities: Rabigato, Viosinho and Gouveio

Tasting note: Lemon coloured wine with fresh and mineral aromas. A very fine wine that is true to its terroir and elegant on the palate. It has a long and intensely fresh finish.