Fátima, Gracinda and Maria - The Women in the Vineyards of the Convento de S. Pedro das Águias Estate at Kranemann's

Jun 25th 24

In the majestic landscape of the estate, among vineyards that stretch along the hills of the river Távora, we find part of the essence of our wine production: the dedication and hard work of our female collaborators - Fátima, Gracinda, and Maria. These three women embody the commitment that makes our wines so unique.

From a young age, they learnt the secrets of viticulture from their families and have brought this valuable knowledge to our estate. They represent the resilience and strength of the labour in the vineyards. As they face the challenges of the weather and the physical demands of working throughout the year, they always maintain a positive spirit and an unwavering work ethic. Their ability to face difficulties with a smile inspires us all.

They are not just workers; they are artists and carers, dedicating themselves with love and patience to each vine and each bunch of grapes.

At Kranemann Wine Estates, we are proud to have these exceptional women who, with their strength and dedication, help transform grapes into wines that capture the essence of the Douro.

We thank Maria, Gracinda, and Fátima for all their commitment and for being part of the soul of our vineyards.