Celebrate Freedom with Kranemann Late Bottled Vintage Port 2018

Apr 5th 24

We are getting ready to celebrate freedom and the 50th anniversary of the April 25th Revolution, also known as the Carnation Revolution. And what better way to toast than with a wine that embodies elegance, freshness, and harmony: Kranemann Late Bottled Vintage 2018. Just as April 25th represents a moment of liberation and rebirth in Portugal, Late Bottled Vintage 2018 invites us to taste freedom in every glass. Its smooth, balanced texture is like a hymn to harmony, reflecting the richness of our history and the limitless potential of the future. As a Port Wine, L.B.V. 2018 is a unique wine in the world and as Portuguese as our Revolution and liberation from dictatorship. The elegance of Late Bottled Vintage 2018 is revealed in its soft texture and the perfect balance between fruit, acidity, and freshness. This harmony is like a dance on the palate; each element finds its place without overshadowing the others. Each note is a sensory journey, transporting us to the vineyards of the São Pedro das Águias Estate, where the land and climate of the Távora Valley merge to create a unique terroir. It is the ultimate expression of the art of enology, combining technique and passion in one bottle. As we celebrate past achievements and look to the horizon with hope, this wine reminds us that the true Revolution lies in the ability to savor each moment with gratitude and joy. May this April 25th be well toasted, and may freedom continue to guide us in every moment of life.